June 2018 EMR and PM Newsletter

The Giving Gallery – Supporting Mental Health Nonprofits

artistWe came across a web site with a great idea and thought it was worth sharing it with you. ‘The Giving Gallery’ is a free online platform that offers art for purchase from national and international artists. 40% of the proceeds from every sale go to a mental health nonprofit organization of the buyer’s choice.

Thank you to Amanda Lipp, Founder and CEO of ‘The Giving Gallery’ and to all of her artist-advocates supporting a greater cause.

What a wonderful way to promote and support mental health awareness.
To read more please visit their web site at www.thegivinggallery.org.

CMS Prepayment Audits and TPE Audits

checkmarkCMS announced in August 2017 that it would replace the traditional “pay and chase” audit method with the prepayment auditing method if billing procedures appear to be significantly different from those of peer practitioners and those with a high error rate. During the audit, which could last for several months, payments are being withheld until reviews are being completed.

TPE auditing stands for Targeted Probe and Education is being utilized by MAC’s nationwide. The focus is on the ‘E’, which includes the auditor educating the provider, for example, suggesting how to improve documentation to justify medical necessity and showing progress in treatment. This new method does allow for a total of 3 rounds of audits before referring back to CMS for further action.

To read more about the prepayment audits please click here to visit the National Psychologist web site article or click here to read more about TPE on the CMS website.

Security in the Cloud

A nationwide trend in the healthcare industry is to move Protected Health Information (PHI) to cloud hosted solutions. But how do you know you are moving your sensitive data to a professional facility? You should ask about the following criteria to identify top data centers: Encrypted Communication, Managed Data Back-Ups, Emergency Power, Disaster Recovery, Security Monitoring (physical and video), Secure Server Cabinets, Server Cabinet Access Reports, and Security Incident Response Plans.

TheraManager DocuTrac has partnered with OnRamp, one of the nation’s leading data centers, specializing in HIPAA compliance and storage of health care information. Our close partnership with the OnRamp team allows us and our clients to sleep well at night. Click here to see the security measures our data center has in place.

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