Office Therapy - Use Audit Log to Track Activity
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By default, the Audit log is enabled.  With the Audit log security feature, you can track and audit activities in Office Therapy.  Any additions, changes, and deletions, as well as viewing of information can be tracked.  When enabled, the audit log tracks the user, date/time, location, description, computer user, and computer name. The log tracks changes to Patient Information and related activity; transactions, such as charges, payments, etc., as well as billing, filing insurance, etc. and scheduling. 

To view your Audit Log settings, log in with Master Access:

Go to Setup, then Customize.

Click the Administrative tab.  At the bottom of the screen, there is a section called Audit Log.  To have your Audit Log turned on, check the box.

To review the Audit Log:

Go to Reports and select Audit Report

Here you can select a date range and input a description to filter the log.  Click Refresh to update the report if anything has changed in the date or description.  You can print this report if needed.

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