Office Therapy - How can I change the location of the ‘Bill To’ address on client statements?
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If you are using windowed envelopes or your own stationary for client statements, you may need to change the settings for the location of where the ‘Bill To’ address prints.

The ‘Bill To’ location can be changed in the Billing Expert wizard, Bill customization options window, which is the last window in the wizard prior to generating statements.


The Left Side option defaults to 1.04 inches from the left and 2.6 inches from the top.

The Right Side option defaults to 4.72 inches from the right and 2.6 from the top.

These settings are for windowed envelopes and can be adjusted if the address is not centered in the window.

Select the Position option to set another position. Then enter the number of inches for the address to print from the left side of the page and from the top of the page.

If you are estimating inches for these settings and want to see where the ‘Bill To’ address prints, you can generate and print a statement but do not complete the final stage of the process. When prompted press NO to Cancel the Process until you ready to send statements and you are satisfied with the location of the address.

Once entered and your statements are generated, the location for the ‘Bill To’ address will be saved for all statements.

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