Office Therapy - Error Uploading Claims
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Question: When I attempt to upload claims, I get the following message: "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application." If you click continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click quit, the application will close immediately. No such host is known. How would I be able to fix this issue?


Answer: This sounds like an issue that occurred in the first few versions of Office Therapy 10, which has been fixed. Please upgrade to the latest version, you can download the current patch at


The error is caused by the FTP credentials not being setup, so the Claims Manager does not know what server to go to when Upload Claims is clicked. This can be configured in the Electronic Filing Setup, FTP uploading is optional and not required to submit claims to your clearinghouse; you can continue uploading claims using the clearinghouse website.


Please be aware that some clearinghouses do not accept FTP transactions, you will need to contact your clearinghouse to see if they can set up a FTP account for you.


The following knowledgebase article may provide further clarification on FTP:


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