Office Therapy - Diagnosis Pointer on 02/12 CMS 1500 Claim Form
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A few customers have brought up this issue. You may see 2 or more diagnosis code pointers on the HCFA 1500 form, but the client only has one diagnosis code.

The procedure below  walks you through deleting the erroneous pointer.

In some cases the diagnosis Code Pointer 2 may be checked but there is no diagnosis in the 2nd box (and in some cases in the 3rd box).

The workaround is to add the diagnosis (or diagnoses back). Then go back to the Charge HCFA Details screen and uncheck the box (not grayed out at that point), and then go back and delete the diagnosis.

Add the second diagnosis (which you will delete shortly)

Now you can go into the HCFA Details of the Client and you should be able to uncheck the box next to the "bogus" diagnosis.

Once you have done that, you must go back into the Client Diagnosis and remove the "Bogus" diagnosis that you added a short time ago.

Now, when you generate the form you will no longer see A and B (B has been deleted)



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