Installation Guide - SQL Server, QuicDocPro and Office Therapy
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 Installation Guide

SQL Server, QuicDoc Pro, and Office Therapy




I. Installing SQL Server and DocuTrac programs

II. Restoring the Databases

III. Setting Up QuicDoc And Office Therapy

IV. Updating the Databases

V. Registering the Programs

a. Office Therapy

b. QuicDoc

VI. Backing up Databases




I.             Installing SQL Server and DocuTrac programs

***Before installing DocuTrac programs, make sure all Windows Update has been applied and restart the computer.  Disable any Anti-Virus programs on your system, and close all programs.  Failure to do so may result in failed installation or unexpected behavior.


***Please remember that QuicDoc and Office Therapy are not automatically backed up.  You must manually back up using the DB manager.  It is recommended at least once a week to backup your database(s) and move to an external drive however it is admin’s preference on the timeframe of backing up.  Please visit our online Knowledge base or Backing up Databases section in this document for instructions on backing up.


1.    Download and run the DocuTrac Launcher.  Depending on the internet browser you are using it will download differently.  If you receive the option to run, click run.  If you are unable to locate your download while in the internet browser, select ctrl + j from the keyboard.

2.    If message appears to allow this program to make changes to this computer, click Yes.


3.    During the download of the DocuTrac Launcher, it will check to make sure the computer has the correct .NET framework installed.  If you are prompted with the below message, click Download and install this feature.  This may take several minutes to complete.



4.    The DTI SQL Installer will appear as below.   Check the box next to Microsoft SQL Server and input the passwords next to the program(s) you want to install.  QuicDoc and Office Therapy will be grayed out until the correct password is inputted.  

**For workstation installs, do not check the Microsoft SQL Server.**

**To obtain the password for the program(s), please contact Sales or Support.**


5.    Click on Start




6.    Before installing SQL Server and the program(s), please read the following message and make any changes before continuing.  Click Ok to continue.


7.    Allow the installer to complete the download.  This may take a while depending on your internet connection.  The installation of SQL Server may take a while to complete.




8.    Once SQL Server installs, you will be returned to the DTI SQL Installer.  This will finish the install of the program(s).



9.    The message stating the installer process has completed successfully will appear.  Click Ok.



II.           Restoring the Databases

1.    You will receive a message stating you do not have permission, click Continue to bypass the message.


2.    Place the .BAK files in the DocuTrac Backup folder located on the desktop or at C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.DTISQLSERVER\MSSQL\Backup.


3.    Open QuicDoc DB Manager or Office Therapy DB Manager



4.    Click on Restore Database


5.    Click on Refresh next to the Server Name


6.    Next, click on the ellipses to open the backup folder.


7.    Select the file you need to upload and click Open


8.    In the Restore As field, type the name of the database.  'QuicDocStd' will automatically be filled in and cannot be changed.



9.    Check the box next to Replace existing database


     10.  Click Start Restore.  A status bar will show at the bottom stating ‘Restoring SQL Server Database.’


11.   A message will appear stating database has successfully been restored, click Ok.  Close out of the DB manager.


12.    If you receive an error message when trying to restore the database, please give us a call at 888-308-9683.

III.          Setting up QuicDoc

1.       Open QuicDoc



2.    Allow the program to pull in the Server Name.  If the Server Name does not automatically populate, check the box next to Show All SQL Server on Network and click Refresh.  Click on the drop down menu to select the server.  Then, click Ok. 



3.    The system administration setup screen is already set in the database, click next. 



4.    The user setup screen will already set in the database, click next. 



IV.         Updating the Databases

If you have upgraded to a newer version than previously, you will get a message that states your database is out of date.  The following will help you update the database to the current version.

1.     Click Yes


2.    Click Ok.


3.    If a message appears asking to allow the app to make changes, click yes.



4.    Click Update DB


5.    A status bar will show, please allow this to completely finish.



6.    Click Ok when receiving the complete message.


7.    Relaunch the program.



V.          Registering the Programs

Office Therapy

1.    Open the program and click Register



2.    Call or email Sales or Support the Version, Code Number, and Registration Key.  Please keep this screen open until receiving the unlock codes.


3.    Once the codes are given, place in the Unlock Code 1 and Unlock Code 2.  Click Ok.


4.    A message will appear stating registration was successful.  Click Ok.


5.    You will direct back to the Evaluation screen.  Click Ok.




1.    QuicDoc will open.  To register, click cancel.


2.    Click Setup and select Register QuicDoc



3.    Call or email Sales or Support the Version, Code Number, and Registration Key.  Please keep this screen open until receiving the unlock codes.



4.    Once the codes are given, place in the Unlock Code 1 and Unlock Code 2.  Click Ok.


5.    A message will appear stating registration was successful.  Click Ok.


6.     Close out of QuicDoc and relaunch the program.

VI.         Backing up Databases

1.      Open the QuicDoc and/or Office Therapy DB Manager


       2.    Click on Backup Database icon.


        3.     Click on Refresh next to  the server name.


        4.     Click Refresh next to the database name. Click Start backup. The Backup Name field will be completed by the DB manager. It will include the DB name and current date.


       5.      A message will appear stating that the back up has been successful. Click OK.


       6.     If you receive any errors when backing up databases, please give us a call at 888-308-9683.

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