Office Therapy - exporting records from Office Therapy
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Office Therapy - exporting records from Office Therapy

You may export patient demographics, provider’s demographics, and insurance information however you cannot export financials from Office Therapy.

To export data from Office Therapy it is recommended to add and/or remove columns in the list.  Once you have added the columns, you will then export the list to Excel.  Below are the knowledgebase articles on adding/removing columns and exporting lists to Excel.

Office Therapy - How to add and remove columns and saving My List

Office Therapy - How to export lists to Excel

Please note:  if the Excel spreadsheet is needed to import into another software and you need CSV, you will need to save the spreadsheet as a CSV file type.  This can be found on the ‘Save As’ message box.

 Saving CSV on Client Server:

You will want to choose the CSV (Comma delimited)(*.csv)

Saving CSV on Cloud:

You will save the spreadsheet on the Cloud as Text CSV (.csv).  Please remember you will want to save this file to your local PC.

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