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1 Office Therapy - Backup Guide

The following will back up your databases however for best practice management it is recommended to move your databases to an encrypted external drive that is kept in a safe place. The will assure if anything goes wrong to this PC, you will have the current…

2 Office Therapy - Best Practices for Billing

Below is the webinar for "Best Practices for Billing in Office Therapy".

3 Office Therapy - Getting the Most out of Office Therapy

For best practices on billing in Office Therapy, discover tools that may help your workflow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPrPHWq1384 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFO0et3dn_k

4 Office Therapy - How can I find future appointments for a patient?

Question I need to find if a patient has been scheduled for any appointments in the future. How can I do this without looking at a day or week at a time. Answer There are a couple of ways to easily search for a patient's appointments. 1) You can select the…

5 Office Therapy - How to add your own My Fields

You can add your own fields for the Client Setup, Provider Setup, Insurance Setup, and Transactions (i.e. Charges and Payments). So for example, if you need a field under the client setup for Preferred Contact Method, you can add it. 1. To add a New Field…

6 Office Therapy - How to Do A Simple Refund on an Overpayment

How to Do A Simple Refund on a Client Over-payment In this case, the client has made a payment in excess of the amount charged resulting in an unallocated amount. You have entered a client with a standard charge of, say $120. The client does not have insurance…

7 Office Therapy - How to filter clients in Office Therapy

You can create filtered lists of clients in Office Therapy. For instance, you can create a list of clients with a balance, or who see a specific provider, or have a specific primary insurance company. To create a filtered list: Go to the Clients View Click…

8 Office Therapy - How to set Box 29 to not print patient or insurance payments

Click on Insurance Companies under View Select the Insurance Company and click on Modify Click on the HCFA Details tab Select the drop down menus next to both primary and secondary and click on the option you need.

9 Office Therapy - Procedure code is invalid (Loop 2400)

Please note the below screenshots may differ than your Office Therapy which depends on your version however the steps on resolving the procedure code has stayed the same. Applies to 4010, 5010 Possible Rejection Message ยท Procedure Code is invalid This rejection…