Outcome Measures

Outcomes measures and assessment tools in our QuicDoc® EMR are provided to track progress and evaluate treatment outcomes for your clients. QuicDoc provides the questionnaires for the Health Status Questionnaire, the Outcome Questionnaire-45, and the Timberlawn Child Functioning Scale. These outcome measures are incorporated within the program, and QuicDoc will score these measures for you. Additionally there are a number of other pre-defined measures included, and you can even set up user defined measures for which you can enter the scores and track progress.

Outcome measures can be administered at intake, during the course of treatment, and at discharge for an ongoing review of progress. You can generate reports and graphs and display average baseline and most recent scores for all patients and all outcome measures that you have administered. Additionally, The Patient Summary Graph charts symptom severity and functional impairment severity over time for all sessions where they’ve been rated when doing clinical notes. QuicDoc includes a client satisfaction survey and generates reports to help you assess statistics for your practice or agency, for your patient population, and the quality of care you provide.

Advantages of outcome measures include:

  • Monitoring quality of care and client satisfaction to increase overall effectiveness
  • The treatment process can be adjusted based on the comparison of outcome measure results.
  • Administering outcome measures allows you to identify specific areas of care that may require quality improvements.

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