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DocuTrac Celebrates 20 Years!

This year marks the Twentieth Anniversary for DocuTrac which was founded in June 1993. According to President Arnie Schuster, PhD, “launching the new Website is a good way to mark this milestone for the Company. We hope that our new site’s format will make it easier to navigate, and that visiting us on the web will be a more pleasing experience for our customers and other visitors.”

To celebrate this milestone, we are offering a 20% discount on all Professional Edition client server software licenses beginning June 1st.

Now is the time to purchase! Call Sales at 800-850-8510. Mention code: Anniversary

DocuTrac Launches a New Website

DocuTrac, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of a new website at www.docutracinc.com. The website offers a new look with more conveniently organized content. The graphic design and layout of the latest site was a cooperative effort of DocuTrac staff and a professional marketing firm.

DocuTrac staff members including Jim Miller, Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance, and Collien Driscoll, Director of Marketing were concerned with providing better organized content and more visually suitable pages so that users can easily find needed information about DocuTrac’s products and services. They not only wanted to provide an up-to-date appearance with a more pleasant interface, but also one that was highly intuitive. The new site has a section on hot news topics, an events page and an Easy Insight video on DocuTrac’s clinical records and practice management solutions. The site will have downloads and updates, as well as a link to their knowledgebase, and other pertinent videos and links.

We hope that our site’s new updated format will make it easier to navigate. The new address is www.docutracinc.com. Please update your favorites and links for our new site.

Maintenance Plus

In addition to offering our customers annual support, we are pleased to now offer a maintenance and training package called Maintenance Plus.

When you purchase maintenance, for an additional $99, you will receive an hour of one-on-one web based training on either QuicDoc or Office Therapy along with access to each and every webinar hosted throughout the year! If you choose Maintenance Plus for both QuicDoc and Office Therapy, the cost is an additional $149.

This is an exceptional value. Call to upgrade to Maintenance Plus today! And if you aren't currently on maintenance, now is the time to purchase. Call Sales at 800-850-8510.


Sign up for Gateway and recieve two months FREE and no sign up fees!

The many benefits of using Gateway include:

  • GEDI Essentials- The economical choice for smaller offices that need reliable, but basic, clearinghouse services
  • Smart Solution- A value-rich package for offices that need a complete claims processing system and detailed reporting toolsOffice Therapy
  • Total Office Solution- A complete revenue cycle management package designed for progressive offices that need full control and insight over claims and payment performance
  • Billing Service Solution -Tailored to billers that are managing provider offices. Offers new pricing and enhanced tools to enable a billing service to effectively manage providers

More information is available on Gateway's website.

DSM-5 Changes in QuicDoc

The DSM-5 was released last month and we are pleased to announce that we are in the process of incorporating changes into QuicDoc to accomodate the DSM-5. An update to QuicDoc is forthcoming and will include a DSM-5 Manager.

Below are FAQs we have been receiving from our customers:

When do I need to start using the DSM-5?
According to the APA, since the DSM-5 is completely compatible with ICD 9 coding, it can be used immediately. The APA hopes for full transition by the end of 2013. No one is being forced to use the DSM-5 codes unless it is required by their specific agency.

How is DocuTrac going to address this change?
We will provide a DSM Manager that allows you to modify existing codes and/or descriptions in QuicDoc. You will be able to incorporate new diagnoses, remove obsolete diagnoses, make changes to the names of disorders, and make changes in the criteria/symptoms for certain disorders.

Perhaps the most significant change to the DSM-5 is the removal of the multiaxial system. Axes I, II, and III have been combined and are more compatible with ICD. Additional changes to DSM-5 include the removal of some diagnoses, combining of diagnoses under one diagnosis, and the addition of some new diagnoses (e.g. Hoarding Disorder).

If you have additional questions, please call us at 800-850-8510 or visit the APA's website.

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