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QuicDoc® and Office Therapy® October 2013 Newsletter

Did you know that paper claims are soon to be a thing of the past?

Electronic claims will become mandatory sooner rather than later. Let DocuTrac along with Gateway EDI® cut your time in half when it comes to filing claims. There is no easier, better, or more efficient way to handle your claims. With just a few clicks of the mouse, your claims will be processed in no time (which means faster reimbursement!).

Sign up by October 31st and receive the first month FREE plus no setup fees!

Office Therapy and Gateway will help you:

  • Maximize revenue and increase cash flow
  • Streamline your billing practicePractice Management Software
  • Check eligibility and benefits electronically
  • Submit claims more efficiently and accurately
  • Eliminate manual data entry with Gateway’s Electronic Remittance ServiceGateway
  • Optimize turn-around time by reducing error rate
  • Make daily billing EASY for a constant flow of revenue for your practice

Gateway even offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your rejection rate is not reduced within 90 days, they will pay up to $500 to switch you to another clearinghouse.

For more information, please visit our website or call Gateway at 800-969-3666.

Protecting Sensitive Data

Loss of PHI (protected health information) data can be extremely inconvenient and costly. The most common loss is not the result of being hacked but from the theft of laptops, servers, hard drives, and flash drives

For convenience, many people backup to flash drives. Using encrypted and password protected flash drives will provide a level of security if it is lost or stolen. There are many good articles on the web regarding this. A little time and some research can save you from one big headache if you misplace or lose your flash drive, or if it is stolen along with your laptop. The same holds true for all of your computer equipment whether portable or fixed.

Protect your sensitive data! Click here for information on encryption and PHI. 

If you are using QuicDoc Office in the Cloud, there's no need to worry about encryption or data being lost or stolen. The data is backed up each day and is located in a secure data center.

Enterprise User Group

Over the past few months, several of our QuicDoc Enterprise customers have expressed an interest in an annual user group meeting, and we think it's an excellent idea!

A user group not only provides a platform for the exchange of ideas, but also allows us to update customers on current and future growth including development of the software. Although we could present lots of fun and exciting facts about the software, we will stay focused on you, the customer, and organize and present information that best suits your needs. With that said, we are asking for feedback regarding whether you would be interested in attending, and if so, what would benefit you most.

Also, if there is any member of the user community that would like to present information on how their organization is using QuicDoc, this would be an excellent way to start a community dialog on topics such software optimization, tricks and tips, and best practices.

If your organization is interested in participating, please let us know. Email Scott Van Dermark at svandermark@quicdoc.com by October 15th.

Stand by for next month's edition for upcoming details and next steps to make this idea a reality!

Going Green

As DocuTrac continues to look for ways to conserve energy and go green, we encourage our customers to download rather than install software from CDs.  Traditional installs require software to be shipped in a case with a CD, product packaging, instructions, and other printed material. Through electronic distribution we can reduce not only the carbon footprint of manufacturing these items but also the emissions involved in transporting the software.

According to a video from TechSoup Global, a partner in the Microsoft Greener IT Program, Microsoft commissioned a study on software downloads and estimated that electronic delivery would reduce emissions equivalent to 9,437 barrels of oil or equivalent to powering 563 homes for a year.

We can all be a little more earth friendly by downloading our software. CDs for current versions will still be available on request for a fee of $50. The fee for a CD of archived software, when and if available, is $100.

Save 20% on Software Licenses

In continuing the celebration of our 20th Anniversary, we are offering a 20% discount on all Professional Edition client server software licenses (along with a 20% discount on the cost of upgrades with the purchase of Annual Maintenance).

Now is the time to purchase! Call our Sales department today at 800-850-8510.

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