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New Beginnings

Back in 2011 DocuTrac’s president Arnie Schuster, Ph.D. wrote the following for our September Newsletter. We like what he wrote and it still hold true, so we decided to repeat it for 2015.

    September is a month of new beginnings ushering in a renewal of commitment to learning, self improvement, and achievement in our personal and business lives. At DocuTrac we strive to remain a viable part of your business life, and are diligently working to remain relevant and above all helpful.
With that goal in mind, not only have we expanded our program offerings, but have also increased our educational efforts with training and free webinars to help you keep up with the changes that affect your practice.

Labor Day

our of officeDocuTrac will be closed on Monday, September 7th in celebration of Labor Day. We will re-open on Tuesday, September 8th.

Labor Day, originally celebrated the contributions of labor groups to the US economy. These days it is mainly a day off from work for rest and for fun. We hope everyone has a safe, happy, and relaxing holiday!

Count Down for ICD-10

don't waitDon’t be left hanging!

The October 1st deadline for ICD-10 is less than one month away.

Are you ready for the transition to ICD-10?  Our most recent versions of QuicDoc® and Office Therapy® software are ready. If you are using an older version of Office Therapy and/or QuicDoc (Pro or Standard) and want to upgrade, now is a good time.

For a limited time we have extended our special Upgrade Promotion. See the section below.

Professional Software Promotion Extended

saleFor a limited time we are extending our Upgrade Promotion. If you renew your Annual Maintenance and sign up for Maintenance Auto-Renew, we will upgrade your software to our most recent versions for only $79.99!

Annual Maintenance allows you to speak with our Technical Support Department for questions and assistance, plus have access to all updates and upgrades released for the software within your maintenance period at no additional charge.

For more information or to upgrade your software, please call our Sales Department
at 800-850-8510.

Using Claims Manager is key to getting paid after October 1st

Office TherapyIn order to file insurance claims with ICD-10 codes after the October 1st deadline, all claims will need to be generated using Claims Manager in Office Therapy®.
Claims generated using the File Insurance feature will be rejected since they do not include ICD-10 codes.

The Claims Manager in Office Therapy was created to accommodate the 5010 electronic claim filing format which became mandatory on January 1, 2012. At that time the File Insurance feature was kept in the program and became optional for instances where certain clearinghouses and insurance companies were not yet ready to receive 5010 claim files.

FileInsurance.pngSome customers continued to use the File Insurance feature. If you are using File Insurance to generate claims, please switch to the Claims Manager now to accommodate the ICD-10 codes and to minimize
claim rejections.

For information on a free Claims Manager webinar on September 11th, see our
Events page.

TriZetto and Office Therapy

TriZettoOffice Therapy and TriZetto Provider Solutions® can simplify the process of filing claims, assist with coding and data error corrections, and efficiently manage your practice.

To find out how, access the free pre-recorded webinar.

Up-coming Free Webinars

LearningFriday, September 11th – Join us on Friday September 11th at 12:00 EST for a focused training session on the Claims Manager feature in Office Therapy including administrative setup and filing.

Friday September 25th – Join us on the 25th at 12:00 EST for a review of the meaning, intention, and requirements for compliance to HIPAA regulations and how HIPAA can affect you.

For more information and to register, visit our Events page on our web site.

Blue Screen of Death Malware

Some of you may be familiar with the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), which usually happens when your system crashes. It’s a scary situation, and that is what scammers capitalize on to trick potential victims into calling for immediate assistance.

keyboardWith this malware, the system hasn’t crashed, and the BSOD, is a fake. Behind the fake BSOD malware is being installed. Scammers bundle the fake BSOD screen saver with hijack files and gain control of your computer. They will probably provide a toll free number for you to call for assistance. They then not only gain control of your computer and your files, but your credit card information when you pay for their help.

If you are victimized, contact your credit card company to reverse changes and to keep a check on future charges. Contact an attorney to find out your liability concerning HIPAA, and file a complaint with the FTC.

For more information and to view a list of companies that engage in scamming, click here.

Maintenance and Optional Services

customer serviceWe enjoy helping our customers. It makes us feel good when we can solve problems and keep customers happy. It is only appropriate that our time and expertise is spent in helping those loyal customers who are current on maintenance.

For customers who use third party add-on such as credit card processing, e-prescribing, call reminders, e-filing, Wiley treatment planners, and/or QuicExchange, as well as Cloud access, we require that software maintenance remain current.

For questions or information on maintenance, call our Sales Department at 800-850-8510.

What is Brooke's House

despairDocuTrac is committed to improving our community by providing resources for those in need with behavioral health issues.  We have chosen to assist with Brooke’s House, a new facility for women who are recovering from addiction.

Read about Brooke’s House.

Notable Quote

The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous
in the common. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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