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For Practice Management and Billing Software, view our Office Therapy® links.

For Clinical Documentation and Electronic Medical Records Software, view our QuicDoc® links.

Demos and Webinars:

QuicDoc EMR Demo – a presentation by DocuTrac’s President, Dr. Arnie Schuster. This webinar provides an in-depth overview of the use and functionality of QuicDoc Professional.

Office Therapy Practice Management Software Demo – a presentation by DocuTrac’s Billing Specialist, Heather Painter. This webinar provides an in-depth overview of the use and functionality of Office Therapy.

The Benefits of QuicDoc Office in the Cloud – Are you curious about the differences between software installed on your PC or network versus cloud or web-based solutions? Learn about the many benefits of QuicDoc® Office in the Cloud. Our cloud solution offers a highest level of security, reliability, peace of mind regarding backups, and most importantly you not only have access to, but ownership of, your patient data

QuicDoc Office in the Cloud – a brief overview of how to access QuicDoc and Office Therapy in the Cloud from various devices.

Best Practices in QuicDoc® Professional – Learn about documentation shortcuts, how to use custom templates, and other time saving features. Discover how QuicDoc Pro can make your documentation, effective and efficient; benefiting both you and your patient.

Scheduling and Powercharging in Office Therapy – Join our Billing Specialist, Heather Painter as she demonstrates the how easy it is to process charges directly from the Office Therapy Scheduler.

Claims Manager is the Key to Getting Paid – Join us for a focused training session on the Claims Manager feature in Office Therapy.

Using ICD-10 in Office Therapy – Learn how to use the new ICD-10 codes in Office Therapy.

Electronic Filing in Office Therapy with Gateway EDI – a joint presentation by Billing Specialist, Heather Painter, and Gateway EDI Representative Angela Glenn. This webinar provides an overview of just how easy it is to file electronic claims in Office Therapy and the many benefits of doing so.

Electronic Patient Statements – a joint presentation by Billing Specialist, Heather Painter, and Trizetto’s representative. This webinar provides an overview of just how easy and cost effective it is to file electronic statements with Office Therapy and Trizetto.

Best Practices for Electronic Prescribing in QuicDoc – a training webinar on “Best Practices” when e-prescribing in QuicDoc, our electronic medical records software.

Electronic Prescribing in QuicDoc – an overview of just how easy it is to electronically prescribe in QuicDoc (including controlled substances) and the many benefits of doing so.

Learn About the Wiley PracticePlanners™ In QuicDoc® – With over one thousand pre-written clinically tested treatment goals, objectives, and interventions, the Wiley Treatment Planners can easily be adapted to fit your client needs and treatment situations. Learn how to setup the Wiley Practice Planners and incorporate the content in your treatment plans and progress notes for QuicDoc Enterprise Edition Version 8.1 and Professional Edition Version 11.

Meaningful Use: Does it Apply to Me? – an overview of MU requirements, incentives, as well as penalties being assessed to those who are not attesting. Discussion also includes the benefits and disadvantages of applying for the incentives.

Confused about the DSM-5, ICD-9, and ICD-10 Codes? – an overview regarding the relationship between the DSM and ICD, and their effect on your workflow as they have been integrated in our Practice Management and EMR Software.

HIPAA Compliance – Jim Miller, Director of Quality and Compliance, discusses the “real” meaning, intention, and duties required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Creating Custom Note Templates in QuicDoc EMR Software – Arnie Schuster, Ph.D. hosts this special webinar which demonstrates how easy it is to create your own custom note templates in QuicDoc treatment planning software.

PQRS: Changes, Incentives, and Penalties in 2015 – Jim Miller, Director of Quality and Compliance, discusses the requirements and challenges of PQRS in 2015 and beyond.

Best Practices in Office Therapy – Learn how to save time and improve your workflow with Office Therapy®. By using some “best practices”, your turn around time for collecting money and insurance reimbursement can become more efficient than ever.

Maximize your Revenue with TriZetto Provider Solutions and Office Therapy – Learn how Office Therapy® and TriZetto Provider Solutions® can help to minimize the impact of ICD-10 on your practice. With Office Therapy and TriZetto you can streamline the process of filing claims; assist with coding and data error corrections; and efficiently manage your practice with comprehensive reporting.