Office Therapy - Error in Benefits Assignment Certification Indicator (Loop 2300)
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Applies to 4010, 5010

Possible Rejection Message

  •  Benefits Assignment Certification Indicator is required and must be N, W, or Y.
  •  ERROR: Primary assignment of benefits indicator
  •  Assignment of Benefits Indicator is required. 
  •  Assignment of Benefits Indicator must be 'Y' or 'N'.
  •  Benefits Assignment Certification Indicator is required.

This code indicates if the insured person authorizes whether or not the insured has authorized the plan to remit payment directly to the provider.

In 4010, this indicator could have two possible values- a ‘Y’ value indicating that the insured person authorizes benefits to the provider and an ‘N’ value indicating that the benefits have not been assigned to the provider.

In 5010, in addition to ‘Y’ and ‘N’ a new value has been added –‘W’ to indicate that the patient has refused to assign benefits to the provider. This means that providers must identify any patients who have refused to assign benefits and set those up in Office Therapy accordingly.

To setup Benefits Assignment Certification Indicator

  1. Select Clients from the View menu, or click the Clients icon on the Therapy or View Listbar
  2. Select a Client
  3. Select the Insurance tab
  4. Select the Insurance policy
  5. Select one of the values listed in the drop down box for Benefits Assignment Certification Indicator


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