Office Therapy - Errors in Service Facility Information (Loop 2310C)
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Applies to 4010, 5010

Possible Rejection Messages

  • Facility address must be complete if sent.
  • Facility Zip Code must be 9 digits. 
  • Facility Name or Address or City or State or Zip Required
  • Facility Type Code is required.
  • Service Facility State is invalid.

In electronic claims (4010 and 5010) the service facility information is optional and only needs to be setup if the location of health care service is different than the Billing Location.


To setup Service Facility address:

  1. Select Clients from the View menu, or click the Clients icon on the Therapy or View Listbar
  2. Select and open a Client
  3. Select the Insurance tab

Click on the HCFA/837 Details button and enter the information under Facility Info section.

Important Note
For Electronic 837 Claims, You must enter the City, State, and ZIP on the fourth line and in this specific format: "City, ST 00000" (Use 9 digit zips). It is critical that a comma is placed between the City and two digit state. If the comma is missing from this box, the claim will not be processed correctly and will reject.
Important Note
Unlike electronic claims, in paper claims the service facility information (Box 32) is always needed on the claim even if it’s same as the billing/payto information (Box 33). The “Copy Billing Provider Info from Box #33” has been added for the purposed of paper claims only. Checking it will only affect paper(HCFA 1500) claims. It will not affect the facility information on the electronic claim, and this is because the rule of thumb for electronic claims is that the service facility info should only be included if different from Billing Info.

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