5010 Update

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you submit claims in the 5010 format, please talk to your clearing house to make sure they are ready to accept your claims in the new format. Failing to do so may result in claim rejections or errors that could significantly delay reimbursement. If your clearing house is Gateway EDI, please contact them at by phone at 800.556.2231 or email to check your account status for accepting 5010 claims.

We have an Office Therapy® 5010 Setup Video that will assist you with the transition.

  • Click here for the Office Therapy 5010 Setup Video.

Below are two PDF documents that detail key changes to the data that needs to be recorded to meet the 5010 standards.

  • Click here for Part 1- Key Changes That Will Affect Your Practice
  • Click here for Part 2- More Changes That Will Affect Your Practice

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