QuicDoc® Office in the Cloud

With our Cloud Edition of QuicDoc Office, you can access your clinical records and practice management data from anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection. Best of all, our system offers built in data protection and is HIPAA compliant. Our Cloud-based system for Behavioral Health provides everything you need in one intelligent platform!  For more information, please call our Sales Department 800-850-8510.

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Flexible Features

  • 24/7/365 availability from anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Access from a PC, laptop, Mac, iPad and most tablets
  • Easy setup and easy access for any provider or contract professionals

Benefits of the Cloud

  • Easy implementation since software is hosted on the internet instead of your computer.
  • Access your data using most internet capable devices, including those from Apple and Android.
  • Easy-to-budget monthly fee
  • Lower IT costs: no costs for server operating system licenses
  • All upgrades and updates are installed automatically
  • Easy to add new users, clinicians or locations
  • Worry-free automatic backup and disaster recovery provided at no extra charge

Security in the Cloud

Cloud-based systems can deliver greater security than client-server systems and paper records. Our Cloud software is HIPAA compliant through data centers with bank-level security and high-level encryption methods that render data unreadable.

Layer One—Cloud System

  • Secure encrypted connectivity via 256-bit SSL
  • Dedicated address and internal network for each practice
  • Firewalled network connectivity
  • VPN access available (if needed)
  • Windows Server Active Directory based authentication schemes for each practice
  • Separate single server for every practice
  • Separate SQL instance for each practice

Layer Two—Cloud Facility Security

  • SAS 70 Type II Facilities
  • Biometric authentication to all secure areas/doors
  • Three-Factor man-trap authentication and anti-pass back (Proximity card/biometric fingerprint reader/facial geometry scanner)
  • Two-Factor access to cages (Proximity card/biometric fingerprint reader)
  • 24/7/365 onsite security
  • Hi-definition CCTV network covering all interior and exterior strategic locations and access points, with 90-days video retention

Built-In Data Protection

With the Cloud, there are two layers of data protection, including both local and offsite data storage for restoring single files or complete system. Disaster recovery is a standard component with the Cloud. This eliminates any extra cost to your practice and adds reliability and peace of mind, ensuring maximum uptime.

Layer One—Local Backups with a Full Server Snapshot

  • Full and incremental daily server snapshots
  • Ability to recover SQL only
  • Ability to recover imported items only
  • Secure encrypted data storage while at rest
  • Built-in disaster recover because the entire server is imaged and backed
  • Automated jobs to ensure no human error
  • No tapes to change—all disk storage
  • Eliminates headaches of traditional backups

Layer Two—Offsite Backups to a Secondary Cloud

  • Ability to restore the entire server in a secondary offsite data center
  • East Coast and West Coast site replication
  • Full and incremental daily server snapshots to secondary offsite data center
  • Ability to recover SQL only offsite
  • Ability to recover imported items only offsite
  • Secure encrypted data storage while at rest
  • Redundant backups nightly
  • High availability for your practice and your practice data built into our solution

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