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Is your business forced to comply with murky government regulations? Like many mental health providers, do you lack the time to understand these regulations? Do you want software that complies with government standards and cuts documentation time in half? Are you unsure of which DocuTrac product is right for your company? Our dedicated support team is available to answer all of these questions and more before your purchase. Call our Easy Answers Sales Hotline today at 1-800-850-8510, and we’ll help guide you in the purchasing process and determine which of our easy software products is best for your company.

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As a mental health provider, your top priority should be providing quality care to your patients — not wasting hour after hour worrying about billing and paperwork! For more than 20 years, DocuTrac has provided affordable, customizable and easy-to-use mental health software applications for billing and medical records. Our software is designed to simplify office responsibilities for one purpose — to give practitioners more time with their patients and less time doing paperwork.

Our solutions help simplify your workflow, improve efficiency and enable your office to meet regulatory requirements. When you purchase DocuTrac software, whether it’s Office Therapy® or QuicDoc®, we promise it will be affordable, easy to implement into your office environment and easy to use on a daily basis. If you encounter a problem, a customer service representative will assist you or schedule an appointment within 24 hours with a professionally trained technician. We’ve helped hundreds of providers better manage their mental health records, and we want to do the same for you. Call us today!