Electronic Health Records Software

Electronic health records (EHRs) software is used to compile and store patient records. EHR software or electronic patient records software offers numerous benefits for your staff and patients. It significantly reduces the time required to maintain paper-based medical records transferring them into an organized, electronic format. By using electronic health records software, providers can operate on a more efficient level and deliver better patient care. QuicDoc® Enterprise Edition EHR Software is a fully certified EHR system for meaningful use. QuicDoc provides complete documentation from intake to discharge for comprehensive electronic patient records, and includes treatment planning, outcome assessments, scheduling, as well as reminders, alerts, and more.

Advantages of Electronic Health Records Software:

  • Automatic and instant access to relevant information
  • Easily complete information about patient’s history including diagnosis, therapy notes, test results, medications, and more
  • Easily track treatment progress
  • Improved quality of patient’s care
  • Increased efficiency

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