Cloud - Security and Connectivity
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QuicDoc Office in the Cloud has new security feature which are the following:

1.  Users with no activity in the Cloud will be disconnected after 2 hours of non usage.

2.  Users who are disconnected or disconnects from the Cloud will be logged off after 1 minute of disconnection.

If you know you are going to be absent from the Cloud for a period of time, always save your work and log out.  By not saving your work, it can result in data loss.  

If you continue to still have connection issues to the Cloud, below are some of the most common issues:

1.  Power Settings. There are have cases that when the PC goes into sleep mode, it turns off the Network Interface Card (NIC.)  With the NIC going to sleep, you can lose connection to the internet which then would cause Cloud connection issues.  Try turning this feature off which will not allow the NIC to go into sleep mode with the PC.

2.  Internet Connection.  Make sure you have a valid internet connection.  Connection speeds should be 20ms or lower.  If your internet speed is greater, you might have delays or connection issues using the RDP.  If you noticed that your internet connection is slow, please reach out to your Internet Service Provider to troubleshoot your connection.

3.  Firewalls & Anti-Virus.  We have seen that Firewalls and Anti-Viruses cause the RDP to be blocked.  Try adding the Microsoft Remote Desktop through the Firewall (this includes both the PC and Router) and Anti-Virus.

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