Medical Billing Software for Behavioral Health

Medical Billing Software

As a mental health provider, your main goal is to provide quality care to your patients, a difficult task when you’re wasting hours managing billing and paperwork. There is no need to waste your precious time with paperwork. At DocuTrac, we provide easy-to-use software applications for managing billing and medical records that help simplify your workflow. Our affordable and easy-to-use medical billing software, Office Therapy® and medical records software, QuicDoc® helps you better serve your clients with increased efficiency, shorter reimbursement cycles and detailed reports on revenue trends, collection aging and payment status.

Features of our medical billing software:

  • Effective Claim Processing: Our medical billing software allows you to file Professional claims electronically using HIPAA compliant 837 files, generate CMS 1500 forms, and produce client bills.
  • Easy Reporting and Analysis: Our medical billing software provides you with the necessary tools to help optimize your reporting, analysis and billing process.
  • Customization: Our medical billing software allows you to customize and display any information you need for your lists of clients, providers, referral sources, and insurance companies. Create your own fields to capture and display the information you need. Filter and sort your lists for specific groups of clients, insurance companies, etc., as well as design your own search criteria.

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