QuicForms™ for Treatment Plans

QuicForms for QuicDoc® – Saves you time in filling out Treatment Plan Forms

Use QuicDoc to generate your treatment plans and submit them on the required form. With QuicForms you can use any intake, progress, or discharge note, as well as any treatment plan and import the data onto an insurance or managed care company’s required form.

You have just completed your treatment plan using QuicDoc, only to find that it needs to be submitted on a special form. It’s simple to do!

How? Select a form in QuicForms, create a new plan, and import the treatment plan from QuicDoc. QuicForms takes the data you entered into QuicDoc and intelligently fills in the form. Entry fields and check boxes laid over the top of the form allow you to add or modify information, or to enter information not generated in QuicDoc. You can even spell check text fields to ensure accuracy. QuicForms prints form and data, ready to fax or mail. It even lets you attach a cover letter and prints a fax cover sheet or envelope. QuicForms creates a database for each form so that you can save plans. You can easily update a plan by duplicating it and then updating the duplicate copy.

About the Forms

QuicForms is available as part of the QuicDoc program for both the Enterprise and Professional Editions at no additional charge.

Over 100 forms are currently available in our library of forms. Registered users who are on the latest version of QuicDoc and current on maintenance may submit new or revised forms to be considered for inclusion. New forms are posted on our web site for downloading.
Click here for information on how to submit a form.

For more detailed information, contact us by e-mail or call 800 850-8510.