Retiring Versions of Software and Other Important Changes

Professional Edition Software: In an effort to improve our services and keep current with industry changes, all versions of QuicDoc® prior to version 9.0 and Office Therapy® prior to Version 11.0 have been retired. 

Additionally, in our commitment to improve technical support response times, we will only be answering support calls, emails, and faxes from customers who are current on annual maintenance and on supported versions of the software. Email and fax support will likewise only be available to our customers who are current on maintenance. 

A per-incident fee of $250.00 will be required for phone support for those customers who are not on maintenance. Per-incident support is limited to supported versions of software, and excludes e-Prescribing, electronic filing, credit card processing, Callpointe, and Wiley issues.

 For those customers who are not on maintenance or on supported versions, of software upgrades are available and data migration may be possible. Please call our Sales Department at 800-850-8510 for more information and an upgrade quote.