Treatment Plan Software

Designed by therapists, QuicDoc® treatment plan software, prompts you for the information you need to document patient care, evaluate therapeutic progress and outcomes, and assess the quality of care you provide.

For complete documentation from intake to discharge, simply ‘point and click’ to write comprehensive, consistent and clinically sound notes and treatment plan reports. Our treatment plan software’s pick lists do the work for you, and because the lists are completely customizable, notes and reports will be individualized.

QuicDoc combines the latest technologies with an easy to use interface to provide you with the tools you need to efficiently manage your clinical documentation. Whether you’re an expert or novice, you will find our treatment plan software easy to use.

Here’s what our treatment plan software can do for you:

  • Organize information for increased productivity and improved work flow
  • Standardize and simplify your clinical record keeping
  • Monitor and imp;rove the quality of care you provide
  • Assure continued authorizations of care
  • Reduce delays in reimbursement
  • Maintain compliance through HIPAA compliant features

Contact us at 1-800-850-8510 for more information about QuicDoc EMR, our treatment plan software.