Office Therapy - Invalid REF Segment in 2010BA
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Invalid REF Segment in 2010BA


  • Error in loop 2010BA REF02 is missing or invalid
  • Subscriber secondary ID missing
  • Subscriber SSN/ID/Policy # missing

This is caused by the “Type” pulldown—located to the right of “Secondary Subscriber ID”—on the client insurance setup having a value, but the corresponding “Secondary Subscriber ID” is blank. See screenshot:

In the above example, loop 2010BA will look like this:

REF*SY* ~  <----- No data is present in REF-02

How to Fix This:

If the Subscriber Secondary ID field is blank, remove the “Type” indicator by selecting the blank option at the top of the pulldown menu. This will remove the entire REF segment from the claim.

Subscriber Secondary IDs are typically not required for claims to be accepted.

It is possible to set this field blank for all patients via SQL query, please contact Support for more info.

If a Secondary Subscriber ID is required, enter it in the Secondary Subscriber ID box and select the appropriate qualifier from the Type pulldown menu, see screenshot:

This example will use our Joe Schmoe client with a Social Security number of 123-45-6789

The resulting claim data will look like:



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