QuicDoc® & Office Therapy® Bundle

Stop wasting time with double entry when you purchase the QuicDoc® & Office Therapy® Bundle. You can automatically transfer demographic data for providers, insurance companies, referral sources and clients from one program to another. Once you have set up the data exchange for automatic import, all new and updated demographic information for clients is available in both programs. It’s that easy!

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Flexible Linking Features

  • Send record of documented session in QuicDoc to your Office Therapy billing software
  • Send co-pay with charge to Office Therapy Calendar
  • View and edit Office Therapy’s Calendar while in QuicDoc
  • View Office Therapy’s Ledger for clients within QuicDoc program
  • Link patient names in Office Therapy and QuicDoc
  • Match provider names, which may have been entered separately or differently in both programs


  • Initial License Fee: $1,086
  • Additional QuicDoc License Fee (with purchase of bundle): $269 each
  • Additional Office Therapy License Fee (with purchase of bundle): $199 each

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