DocuTrac Representative Attends Toronto Conference

Hagerstown, MD — Oct. 21, 2013 — Quality Control and Compliance Director Jim Miller of DocuTrac, Inc. a leading developer of therapy notes software for the behavioral health industry, recently attended training at the IGUANA User Conference 2013 in Toronto, Canada. IGUANA was developed by iNTERFACEWARE, Inc. and was specifically designed as an integration solution for the healthcare industry.

DocuTrac choose IGUANA for its newly launched data exchange service QuicExchange™ based on iNTERFACEWARE’s reliability and level of service the company provides. IGUANA performs processing and transferring of data in the form of HL7, XML, CDA, as well as many other types of messages, making it possible for data to flow to and from EMRs, health data repositories, laboratories, agencies, and other entities with the need to exchange health information.

Miller says the training he received at the conference was highly beneficial and helpful. “DocuTrac is getting more and more requests from behavioral health systems customers for QuicExchange projects,” he says, “and we discovered many different development techniques to create the needed interfaces quickly and accurately. The international conference provided a wealth of information on other possible applications for QuicExchange — ones we hadn’t even considered.”

QuicExchange is a data exchange connectivity service that regulates, monitors, and transfers data securely. QuicExchange can move patient data to and/or from DocuTrac’s Complete ARRA-Certified EHR QuicDoc and health data repositories, clinical testing laboratories, portals, government agencies, healthcare providers, as well as other entities dealing with electronic patient records data.

iNTERFACEWARE, Inc., located in Toronto, Canada, is a global leader of integration solutions associated with interoperability for the healthcare industry. Since 1997 their focus has been on providing the best integration experience possible. For additional information about iNTERFACEWARE, visit

About DocuTrac, Inc.

DocuTrac develops practice management and electronic medical records software for behavioral health and human services industries. DocuTrac’s products include a complete ARRA-Certified Enterprise EHR system for large behavioral health and substance abuse treatment facilities, as well as shrink wrapped, client-server software and a cloud hosted solution of QuicDoc® Office which includes Office Therapy® for billing. For more information about DocuTrac’s products, visit or call 800-850-8510.




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