Enterprise Version 6.2.42 is Now Available!

Over the past several weeks, the QuicDoc®  Enterprise engineering team has been working diligently to complete our latest update of the software, version 6.2.42.

This update includes a number of fixes and enhancements including:

  • Improved group signatures capability including a fix for group notes requiring co-signatures, increase to the group note field size, and capability to add addendums to group notes
  • Capability to define a separate location for documents attachments and templates
  • Refined control of the way QuicDoc updates appointments within AccuMed
  • Improved e-Prescribe medication synchronization, including improved sync of existing MasterMed medication entries with e-Prescribing system and addition of maximum dosage fields to synchronization.

In total, over 32 fixes and enhancements have been added to our Enterprise product.

Since this upgrade will require changes to your existing database, this will be an assisted upgrade. Customers with current software maintenance and support agreements, and who are ready to upgrade should contract our Enterprise support department at 888-206-1270 to schedule a convenient time for one of our support technicians to assist you in making this upgrade easy.


2 thoughts on “Enterprise Version 6.2.42 is Now Available!

  1. I will have Michael Hendrix of Grinnel Computers who is my local IT in charge of the server and upgrading with networked PC’s contact you next week to perform the update.

    • Great! Please call our Enterprise Support number at 888-206-1270 to schedule that upgrade. Thank you Dr. Creed!