QuicDoc® EMR Software to Include the Wiley Treatment Planners

Hagerstown, MD October 8, 2014 – DocuTrac, Inc, a leading developer of software for psychiatrists, has partnered with John Wiley & Sons, Inc a global provider of content and workflow solutions in scientific, technical, medical, and research areas. The new alliance will enable DocuTrac to provide their QuicDoc® EMR customers with Treatment Planners content from the Wiley Practice Planners® series, as a valuable built in resource for expanding and creating clinically sound treatment plans for their clients.

Arnie Schuster Ph.D., president of DocuTrac stated that, “We are so pleased to announce that QuicDoc will include the Wiley Practice Planners Treatment Planning content. The addition of this content will add to our customers’ ability to create robust, high quality treatment plans using a rich library of problems and goals, as well as, evidence-based objectives and interventions. This content will also flow from treatment plans to progress notes, thereby providing consistency and continuity between treatment planning and documentation of encounters in QuicDoc.”

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