June 2016 EMR and PM Newsletter

Tips for Creating Strong Passwords

SafetyAccording to Microsoft, “Passwords provide the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your computer. The stronger your password, the more protected your computer will be from hackers and malicious software. You should make sure you have strong passwords for all accounts on your computer”

Never, ever share your passwords with anyone and don’t use the same password over and over! Passwords should be at least eight characters long; never contain complete words or names; and use various types of characters

Here are some tips from Microsoft for creating strong passwords.

Enterprise Forum

pillsDocuTrac has a brand new QuicDoc®  Enterprise Forum

Our new forum is designed to provide pertinent topics, tips, and posts to help our Enterprise customers get the most out of their QuicDoc EMR. Our goal is to have an active forum where our customers can exchange helpful ideas and information on using QuicDoc to its full advantage.

QuicDoc Enterprise users can register for the forum at http://www.docutracinc.com/forum/default.aspx
For more information contact our Enterprise Support Department at 888-206-1270.

When Medications Are No Longer Available

pillsAll prescribed drugs must have a code in order to be processed. Medications that become unavailable to pharmacies will not have a code.  If you try to e-prescribe a medication that is no longer available, you will receive an error message.

To resolve the problem for an existing medication that your patient is currently taking, first stop the medication so it will sync back in QuicDoc as having been stopped. Then search for a generic or different brand name for the medication. Select one of the medications in the links provided in your search results.

drfirstTo clear this problem on a new prescription, First Cancel or Delete the prescription. Then prescribe a new medication by searching for a generic or one with a different brand name to prescribe. Select one of the medications in the links provided in your search results.

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