July 2016 EMR and PM Newsletter

IMPORTANT – About Support Phone Numbers

DocuTrac initiated new toll free support lines in July 2011 to improve our efficiency and provide our customers with savings on long distance fees. After five years we have closed the old account and support calls from the old 301 area code support line are no longer being forwarded.WarningGS.jpgThe carrier for the old account has a message on the line offering alternative contacts for support services. These companies are not affiliated in any way with DocuTrac. They will provide support for a fee and even remote into your system. This is very dangerous, not to mention that it is a HIPAA violation.The only numbers you should ever call for DocuTrac support services are:

888-308-9683 for Professional Support
888-206-1270 for Enterprise Support

These numbers are posted on our web site, in all our literature, and are frequently listed in our newsletters. If you have the old support number programmed on your phone, please enter the correct toll free number.

HIPAA Requirements for Transferring PHI

securityIn May we linked to an article written by the Chief Privacy Officer of Protected Trust on email encryption and HIPAA requirements. If you missed this article, now is a good time to read it.

One of the biggest mistakes clinicians make is sending out unencrypted emails containing information about their patients, i.e., protected health information (PHI). The consequences of transferring your clients’ protected health information in an unsecure manner can be very costly and even devastating.

This month James Miller, DocuTrac’s Director of Qualuity and Compliance, will host a webinar on how to transfer PHI securely. To register for the webinar click here.

ePA+ Electronic Prior Authorizations in Patient Advisor

drfirstNow you can quickly and easily process Prior Authorizations for medications within the QuicDoc® e-Prescribing module with DrFirst Patient Advisor e-PA+.

With Patient Advisor e-PA+ you can elminate faxing requests for prior authorizations and reduce calls to health plans and pharmacies. In just three easy steps you can initiate, complete, and monitor prior authorizations. View this video for more information on how to use ePA+.

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