September 2013 Newsletter

Introducing QuicExchange: Exchange Patient Data Securely and Easily

HL7 HIEs RHIOsAre you feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of sharing sensitive patient data with authorized providers while keeping on top of all the regulations and laws required to do so? It’s no surprise that health care providers are turning to us to take the worry out of meeting Meaningful Use requirements and achieving compliance with privacy laws and institutional regulations. Our process will ensure that your sensitive data is restricted and will protect sensitive clinical information from being shared with any repository that does not have measures in place to restrict access.

QuicExchange provides the easiest and safest solution to protect you and your patient’s data. DocuTrac developed QuicExchange because we understand the sensitivity of mental health data and the implications a breach may have on the livelihood of you as a provider. DocuTrac is an industry leader when it comes to protecting sensitive patient data and has been doing so for over 20 years.

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