PDMP E-Prescribing Software Update


(August 13, 2018) — TheraManager DocuTrac, a leading provider of Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record software for behavioral health organizations, is pleased to announce that it will soon release a new update for its electronic prescribing software. The update has been created in partnership with DrFirst, and will save precious time within the prescribing workflow, while ensuring mandatory State verification of each patient’s controlled substance prescriptions.

With rising incidence of opioid and substance abuse, many States now maintain a database (commonly known as Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP) or Prescription Monitoring Programs (PMP)), to record every time a controlled substance is prescribed within their State.  To keep these databases up-to-date, all prescribers in the State are required to check for previous prescriptions written for the patient before they write any new prescriptions.  This lookup process adds time all day long into a prescribers’ already busy workflow.

Russell Rothchild, CEO of TheraManager DocuTrac said: “TheraManager DocuTrac is thrilled to announce that, in partnership with DrFirst (www.drfirst.com), we will soon be releasing a new e-prescribing software update that will incorporate State checking into the prescriber’s ordinary eRx workflow. This will save our doctors and nurses time on every controlled substance prescription written in the future.”


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