October 2014 EMR and PM Newsletter

DocuTrac is excited to announce that Wiley PracticePlanner content will soon be available for both QuicDoc® Professional and QuicDoc Enterprise EMR Software!

PracticePlannersWith a yearly subscription, QuicDoc EMR users will have full access to all of Wiley’s TreatmentPlanners content.

Wiley Practice PlannersTreatmentPlanners contain over 1,000 prewritten, clinically-tested treatment options, goals, objectives, and interventions and can easily be adapted to fit client needs and treatment situations.

Please call our Sales Department at 800-850-8510 or click here for more information about this exciting new content!

QuicDoc Pro Version 11 will be Released Soon

QuicDoc Professional Version 11 will be released soon and will not only feature the Wiley TreatmentPlanner content, but will also include these other exciting enhancements:

  • Touch and mouse signature functionality for use in the Cloud with touch devices like the iPad and Windows Surface
  • Signature functionality for incidental, missed appointment, and group notesQuicDoc EMR
  • Automated patient account number generation

This new version of our treatment planning software will be available soon for purchase.

Please call our Sales Department at 800-850-8510 for more information.

Cloud Promotion

With QuicDoc Office in the Cloud, you can access your data from anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection! Our Cloud-based system provides users of all sizes great advantages in cost savings, data accessibility and security. Each subscription can include both QuicDoc EMR and/or Office Therapy® Billing Software, plus 24/7/365 availability, quick set up, easy access and the outstanding support you’ve come to expect from DocuTrac!

Beginning this month, we are offering a special promotion for those interested in moving to the cloud. This special won’t last long, so call our Sales Department today at 800-850-8510.

For more information on our Cloud Service, please
click here.

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QuicDoc® EMR Software to Include the Wiley Treatment Planners

Hagerstown, MD October 8, 2014 – DocuTrac, Inc, a leading developer of software for psychiatrists, has partnered with John Wiley & Sons, Inc a global provider of content and workflow solutions in scientific, technical, medical, and research areas. The new alliance will enable DocuTrac to provide their QuicDoc® EMR customers with Treatment Planners content from the Wiley Practice Planners® series, as a valuable built in resource for expanding and creating clinically sound treatment plans for their clients.

Arnie Schuster Ph.D., president of DocuTrac stated that, “We are so pleased to announce that QuicDoc will include the Wiley Practice Planners Treatment Planning content. The addition of this content will add to our customers’ ability to create robust, high quality treatment plans using a rich library of problems and goals, as well as, evidence-based objectives and interventions. This content will also flow from treatment plans to progress notes, thereby providing consistency and continuity between treatment planning and documentation of encounters in QuicDoc.”

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